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Redefining Architectural LED Luminaries



By Brad Dempster and Justin Albert


The Vector Luminaire Series is a specification grade product designed and produced in Los Angeles, California.  Built to the highest standards, Vector is capable of incorporating 5-channel color tuning using wireless or DMX controls.  A recipient of the distinguished PIA Architectural Awards and recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report of 2017, the Vector Luminaire Series boasts the highest efficacy of it category in the industry, while maintaining high CRI and a 2 Macadam Ellipse color consistency over its lifetime.

While the Vector is a high performance luminaire, featuring top-end performance paired with a modern aesthetic, the true ingenuity comes from its convenient modular construction.  Designed from the ground up to be a series of building blocks, the Vector becomes a system of endless possibilities allowing lighting designers to envision their designs without limitation.


The Vector series of luminaires and accessories delivers an infinite toolbox for specifiers, architects, and lighting designers to utilize. Featuring a variety of finishes, color temperatures aperture sizes, lengths, and control solutions, the Vector can be deployed in an endless number of arrangements to create a truly unique space.



Aperture Sizes

The Vector family of luminaires is currently available in three aperture sizes, enabling designers to match the desired aesthetic for an interior space. All apertures are available in standard lengths of 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft; the luminaires can also be joined together to create continuous runs of infinite length in one-foot increments.










Available with several lit joiner accessories, the Vector linear series can transform into any variety of shapes to execute unique interior designs, from simple to complex. The Cross, Lit Corner, Tee, and Wall-to-Ceiling standard accessories enable the luminaire series to become an active element in the desired aesthetic of a space.










In addition to the standard shapes available on the Vector, the variety of joiner accessories provides designers with a blank canvas to create any number of unique fixture layouts From simple to complex designs, the Vector can transform into asymmetric crosses, interweaving squares, or even three-dimensional runs utilizing the wall-to-ceiling accessory.

Imagine the possibilities







5 Channel Color Tuning

The number of control channels deployed in a color tuning system impacts the quality of the light and consistency of color. It also affects the color tuning range, the level of gamut control and the efficacy of the solution Deco Spectrum™ mixes five different colors of high brightness, broad spectrum LEDs – none of which are white – to deliver light that is 2 MacAdam ellipses about the Planckian curve at 90+ CRI across the tuning range. The result: light that accurately depicts – across the full tuning range – the

object’s color as compared to its color in true sunlight. Benefits:

  • Perfectly natural white light.

  • On-Planckian tuning from 1650K to 8000K.

  • Dimming from 100% to 1% while maintaining CCT, or variable CCT from 3050K down to 1800K to      match traditional incandescent or MR-16 lamp dimming.

  • Industry-leading color rendering (Ra) greater than 90, throughout the tuning range.

  • Gamut control for unlimited control and customization of lighting design using the Saturation and Hue controls

  • Consistent color of 2 SDCM about the Planckian Curve over the life of the module.


Outstanding Presentation

The Vector signals a step forward in ambient interior illumination, merging sleek design with energy-efficient performance. Aiming to reduce energy consumption and provide top-quality light output, the Vector performs at up to 109 lumens per watt and delivers accurate color rendering for interior spaces, featuring 95 CRI minimum with an R9 value of 69 or greater. The Vector enables designers to create comfortable, uniformly-lit spaces while using 50% less energy compared to traditional fluorescent systems:   1,400 lm/ft. indirect / 1,200 lm/ft. direct.


Light Control

No modern lighting system is complete without proper lighting controls. The Vector has been designed to integrate with nearly any lighting controls system. Implementing lighting controls will deliver increased versatility and energy savings to an application, further benefiting the customer and the efficiency of the interior space. The Vector integrated with next-generation lighting controls turns the fixture into a robust digital luminaire, bringing together the benefits of both form and functionality.


Custom Color Options

The Vector features a unique set of 24 special paint finishes. These standardized colors enable designers to match the Vector to the aesthetic of a space without having to worry about the extended lead times associated with “custom” finishes. This preset palette of 24 finishes adds only marginal lead time and cost over a standard Vector luminaire


10 Year Warranty

Deco Lighting’s industry-leading 10-Year, 100,000-hour warranty evolved from our team’s drive to design, engineer, and manufacture top-quality LED lighting systems in the United States. From the initial sourcing of resilient fixture materials and high-performance LED chipsets to the attention to detail we provide during assembly and packaging, this complete start-to-finish assurance process is what gives us the confidence to back all of our LED luminaires with this unbeatable warranty.


Adjustable Design

The Vector series of linear architectural luminaires help achieve perfectly positioned lighting layouts that are easily specified. The precision-engineered design allows for just the right amount of light, providing cost savings and energy efficiency.      


Smart Control

The Vector is compatible with a variety of advanced sensor solutions from Phillips, Lutron, Enlighted, and Osram, to name just a few. Smart sensors are an ideal add-on for those seeking additional functional benefits and even deeper energy saving over traditional fluorescent systems. Smart sensors increase the versatility of the Vector, transforming the way in which the luminaire adapts to the needs and behaviors of inhabitants within a space to create a smart building solution that marries design with function.

Functional Style whether continuous run, pendant style mount, wall mount, surface mount, recessed or mud flanged, or predefined cubes, hexagons, or triad designs, VECTOR sets the bar high for unique state of the art LED lighting systems.


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