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Mudd Campus Buildings & Prairie Lakes

The Mudd Campus Buildings & Acerage are located on and next to the beautiful Prairie Lakes, Trails & Park in Cedar Falls, Iowa.


Lakes / Trails & Park

on & next to the Mudd Campus Buildings

Currently The Mudd Campus has 6 acres on the lake available as well as Office Space: 

5,802 Sq Ft Office

2,574 Sq Ft Office

8,995 Sq Ft Office

(4,524 Sq Ft main floor / 4,472 Sq Ft

walk out to the lake basement). 

Slide Show on & next to the

Mudd Campus Buildings

All Mudd Campus Buildings and Acerage on and next to this great recreational attraction for nearby tenants, employees & families who enjoy the Prairie Lakes & Trails.

The main lake has a 1.2 mile PAVED path around the lake and a .75 mile PAVED path around the second lake, all connected to the Cedar Valley Trails system.


The Main Lake Features:  (within walking distance of ALL the Mudd Campus Buildings)

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