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To share the “Secret Sauce” is easy.  Jim Mudd Sr. and Clifton Lambreth broke it down in their recent book:  The Ad Man “Ask For and Expect Immediate Great Results.” (available at Amazon, Audible and iTunes)


The Mudd Development Team is a unique group with expertise in architecture, construction, general contracting, interior design, commercial lending, financial, legal, and technical disciplines.  Collectively, we have been involved with hundreds of projects over the years, and we look forward to customizing our team based on your existing relationships.


The secret ingredients that our teams will utilize for your projects start with our most important team member – YOU.   


First, we season your project with these additives:

The six C’s of teamwork.

1.     Clear goals and expectations

2.     Communication

3.     Commitment

4.     Competence

5.     Collaboration

6.     Coordination


Then we add the best strategy to accomplish your goals through team alignment:

•         Identify what you want to achieve.

•         Develop a "blameless" plan.

•         Organize and support the team.

•         Make sure everyone is taking ownership of the action plan.

•         Plan to succeed.


And that’s the “Secret Sauce” that we would employ when working together with you.

Jim Mudd, Sr. quotes Walt Disney, who said, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.  But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Call Jim Mudd 319-277-9131 or send him an email at


“We Love It When You Succeed!”

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